Another Successful Coaching Seminar!

Goalies Inc.’s Coaching Seminars are a useful program to incorporate into any hockey association. It is no secret that the most neglected player on the ice is the teams goaltender. Our mission is to educate coaches all across the United States on how to visually inspect, correct, and train their goaltender on a daily basis.

“My name is Deb Ziemke and I a member of the board for MMYHA in Marinette, WI as well as a goalie mom. As both a goalie mom and a board member I would recommend this program highly for your association or any other that was interested in it. Jim was very easy to work with to schedule the clinic during a time when it worked best for our association.

As a goalie mom I definitely saw a difference in how my son was coached during practice after this clinic was held. It was nice to see him doing some of the drills that he does whenever he goes to one of Jim’s camps.

As a board member and having to look out for what is best for the entire association I wanted to make sure that our money was well spent. I prepared and sent out a survey to all the coaches that attended the clinic. Every survey that was returned to me was very positive and had nothing but good things to say about the clinic. I actually had coaches coming up to me at the end of the clinic thanking me for organizing and setting it up. I also know that one of the coaches who attended the clinic whose son plays goalie part time is now very interested in sending his son to the Goalies Inc. summer camps. This is someone who has never attended a camp in the past, however, because of the coaching clinic the possibility of him attending at least one this summer is very good.” – Deb Ziemke Rules & Regs Director for MMYHA

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