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We are so pleased to announce that we will be offering individual goaltender game review this season. Receiving professional feedback is critical for a goalie’s game development. Goalies, Inc. gives students the feedback they need through single or multiple game reviews throughout the season. This is a unique opportunity to select a time with Coach Stanaway and receive a virtual / zoom call to get the feedback and training corrections firsthand in real time.

During your call you also have the opportunity to ask Coach Stanaway any questions you have about your season, training, or team during the season.

Please contact Coach Stanaway to schedule a vision lesson on any of the open times.

Open times are designated by time and location.
Filled times will show time and students first name.

Visit our online calendar below:

1. Visit Online Calendar  
2. Request an open time by contacting Coach Stanaway
3. Once confirmed your goalies name will appear on the calendar in the designated slot

Coach Jim Stanaway