Coaching Seminars

Goalies Inc. is committed to maximizing every goaltender’s potential and our coaching seminar service is one of the ways we give motivated individuals the opportunity to exceed training expectations each time their goalie touches the ice. At any level, consistent work is the key to developing good fundamental and organizations and teams can book Goalies Inc. to take a hands-on approach to redefine the manner in which goaltenders are coached within each program.

Goalies Inc. will ensure to send a consistent development message to organization participants with a very knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified group of coaches. We believe it is very important that the members or the organizations develop a relationship with their goalie coach. This message is to promote proper development and to minimize the confusion that many goalies experience by having to adjust to different coaching styles and ideas, especially at a young age.

Each Seminar involves:

– 4 hour(s) interactive classroom instruction
– 2 hour(s) hands-on on-ice application of instruction
+ Goalies invited to participate
– Seminar talking points / outline
– Sample Drill book designed by Goalies Inc.
– 10 percent discount to all Goalies Inc. camp(s) for partnering teams / organizations
– 10 percent discount to all American Hockey Academy power skating sessions for all partnering teams / organizations

Each coaching seminar is individually designed and instructed by head instructor and founder, Jim Stanaway.


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