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Our visual systems play a critical role in each athletes performance. Adapting superior visual skill training is a vital training routine that can propel any athlete to another level! Key training benefits include developing a step by step process that will greatly enhance your athletes reaction time, spatial awareness, tracking, hand-eye coordination and accuracy of visual attachment while fatigued.

Our system is minimally invasive and we encourage our students to train prior to any game / practice for an immediate impact on their level of play!

We are happy to be partnered with Route 1 Hockey in Green Bay, WI and House of Hockey in Appleton, WI to offer an unmatched off-ice training experience led by Coach Stanaway.

“I just want a huge shout out for Coach Stanaway and his new vision training program. My son, (‘06), had the opportunity to participate in 3 vision training sessions over the course of a weekend. The training was innovative and challenging, but he claimed it was the most fun off ice training he has ever experienced. The progression of skills over the 3 sessions was remarkable. How quickly his brain adjusted to the different scenarios was also an incredible demonstration of the power of the human brain. But most importantly the training translated to the ice. My son played a game shortly after his last session having 26 saves and his team winning 4-1. He came off the ice saying, ”That felt really good! I was seeing the pick better than I have ever before. When can I train again?” His coaches also noticed the marked improvement.
It was an incredible weekend of learning and skill development. If you have a chance to participate in vision training with Coach Stanaway we highly recommend it!

Additional times available on request. 

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